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On Demand Webcast

How to Redefine the Customer Experience

How you deal with this new breed of customer will be the basis for your company’s success or failure. There’s a fork in the road and you are there now: it’s marketing as usual, or social marketing. Mr. Greenberg discusses how to proactively engage and positively influence the new social customer, and provide you with insights to make your customers continue to buy and promote your business.

Paul Greenberg, social CRM industry expert and best-selling author, shares how customer engagement is being re-defined in the new era of social business. You’ll learn:

  • Who is the social customer, what they expect, and how to engage with them
  • Why its critical to your business to engage with the new breed of customer, and the value driven by that engagement
  • How to have a consistently authentic and transparent relationship with your customers
  • How you can leverage social communities to create a lasting, loyal evangelist