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On Demand Webcast

Replicating Water Cooler Engagement

Today’s organizations are growing ever more dispersed — by geography, new ways of working and generational differences. As a result, companies of all sizes look to technology to help replicate the kind of communication, learning and engagement once fostered around the office water cooler. At the same time, the technology associated with collaboration is moving from purely an IT concern to a critical, enabling part of an organization’s performance.

Mollie Lombardi, Vice President and Principal Analyst of Aberdeen Group’s Human Capital Management practice, shares the latest research on enterprise social collaboration.

Download the webcast to learn actionable insights, including:

  • Strategies to improve productivity and customer satisfaction through better communication and faster decision-making.
  • Ways to combat talent shortages using social collaboration tools to attract, hire and retain critical talent.
  • The role of collaboration in on boarding and accelerating return on hiring investment.
  • The ways collaboration can support both structured and unstructured learning.