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On Demand Webcast

Get More Value From Your Intranet

Did you know that your employees are likely spending 28 hours every week just trying to get work done? For a company with 5,000 knowledge workers at $30 an hour, that’s over $4 million in payroll alone.

In this “white board session” webcast, you’ll discover exactly what a social intranet is and how it should be used to virtually eliminate this problem—for real business value. (Hint: If your company has a social intranet already, it’s probably not being used to drive business value.)

You’ll learn how to:

  • Achieve 15% increase in productivity and 3% increase in revenue.*
  • Identify the obstacles of traditional intranets.
  • Get more value from your existing communication and productivity tools.
  • Give employees what they need to drive strategic initiatives, innovation, and productivity.
  • Engage mobile employees, partners, and customers.


* Verified by a top 3 consulting firm.