6 Trends Driving Healthcare Collaboration

New ways of coordinating care, aligning clinical teams, and working more efficiently are transforming healthcare collaboration. Listen to the webcast to learn more

Healthcare providers are under growing pressure to improve the management of chronic diseases, eliminate unnecessary costs and deliver high-quality, value-based care. In response, healthcare providers must get better at coordinating care, aligning clinical teams and working more efficiently across organizational and functional divides. Recently, we convened a group of industry experts to discuss the new era of healthcare collaboration.

The panel featured:

  • Boris Rachev, Global Health Economist, CSC
  • Brice Jewell, Sr. Director Enterprise Applications, Cerner
  • Gia Lyons, Sr. Director of Product Marketing

In this webcast, you’ll learn about:

  • How the evolution of patient care, cybersecurity and health system consolidation are driving the need for next-generation communication collaboration solutions
  • Cerner’s vision of healthcare transformation and how collaboration technologies can support it
  • How to start your journey toward better healthcare collaboration

Watch the webcast!