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On Demand Webcast

Transitioning Your Next Intranet

The Jive WorkHub connects relevant people, information, and systems to work better together in today’s digital world.

Recently, Jive CMO, David Puglia, and Jive Product Marketing Director, Gia Lyons spoke about the digital workplace with Jim Murphy from featured analyst firm Gartner. The intranet we know today is evolving into a digital workgrid. Synergy created between people, places, things, activities and information facilitates effective decision making by boosting employee agility and engagement through a more consumerized work environment.

Watch the webcast to learn how Jive’s WorkHub has already evolved, simplifying and reducing time needed in day-to-day collaborative processes that span employees, vendors, researchers and customers.

Then read Gartner’s “WorkGrid” and “Future of Social Software” reports to understand how this change is occurring and what you need to know to build your digital workplace.