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On Demand Webcast

Act Faster with Social Technologies

With clients’ expecting “real-time” responses to RFPs, marketing agencies have to act fast to find experts and develop innovative solutions that win new business. When marketing teams are distributed globally, it becomes increasingly difficult to coordinate a comprehensive response that incorporates relevant case studies, employee backgrounds and ‘elegant solutions’ for each opportunity within a few days.

In this webcast, Jackie Bartolotta from Millward Brown and Elizabeth Brigham from Jive Software share how Millward Brown is generating new business by using social business technology to find internal experts, collaborate on proposals, and reduce the time it takes to respond to RFPs.

You’ll learn how high-performing marketing agency teams use social business tools for:

  • Finding experts faster and collaborating with global teams on RFP responses.
  • Developing and launching campaigns more efficiently.
  • Coordinating cross-functional team alignment.
  • Creating, sharing and getting feedback on campaign assets faster.
  • Monitoring and engaging in feedback on campaigns to drive optimization.