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On Demand Webcast

Webinar | Working Out Loud: Tapping Into Employees Intrinsic Motivation to Make Work Better

While enterprise social networks enable people to work more transparently and collaboratively, the behavior doesn’t always happen spontaneously. Why not? Because just like the need to eat well and exercise, some people may not be inclined or aware of how to work in a different way. Or they have yet to develop the habit of working better, even if they know how. Working Out Loud can help employees develop that habit in a way that appeals to an individual’s intrinsic need for autonomy, mastery, and purpose. It gives employees greater access to learning and more opportunities, and thus more control over their career and life. It also gives the firm a more open, connected culture while improving the digital literacy of its staff.

In this webcast, you will learn:

  • Practical examples of people working out loud in the enterprise
  • How different firms are spreading the practice
  • How you can spread the practice in your organization

This webcast is based on the book, Working Out Loud, and features both speaker and author, John Stepper, alongside Jive’s very own Kathryn Everest. The Working Out Loud circles now exist in 11 countries and in several industries including banking, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, and more.