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Interactive Intranet and Customer Community Reports & Resources

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Create custom missions and competitions to kickstart user participation.
Gamification for Employee and Customer Communities
Box for Jive Module: Best-of-Breed File Sharing For Jive Communities
Box Integration: Content Sharing in Jive with External File Storage
Secure Collaboration Without Borders
Externally Accessible Groups
Bringing Social Collaboration to Your Inbox
Gmail Integration for Jive Interactive Intranets
Tap your organization’s collective brainpower, and crowdsource innovation. With Ideation you can capture the best ideas from across the company.
Ideation: Idea Management
Jive’s Outlook Module integrates Microsoft Outlook with your Jive community, providing the social context and direct collaboration that email lacks.
Microsoft Outlook Integration for Jive Interactive Intranet
Make SharePoint Social
Microsoft Sharepoint Integration for Jive Intranet Software
High-Impact Video Sharing for Jive Communities
Video Content Management: Intranet HD Video Hosting and Sharing
Okta for Jive provides streamlined, out-of-the-box access management for Jive communities, including both internal and external communities
Okta for Jive
This latest research brief from Aberdeen Group explores the concept of “mobile deal management,” the real-life scenario played out in thousands of live sales meetings every day.
Aberdeen Group: Sales Enablement Mobilized: How to Seal the Deal Anywhere, Anytime, with Any Device
Analyst Report
Jive-n provides unified collaboration and alignment across dozens of countries and multiple acquisitions.
Pearson Unifies Global Collaboration Across Brands
Case Study
Toshiba America Business Systems relies on Jive to effectively collaborate with its extensive and complex network of channel partners.
Toshiba “Thinking Differently” in a Flat Market and Down Economy to Strengthen Sales Channels
Case Study
Jive-n network powers high-performance collaboration and cross-company alignment at UBM.
UBM Collaborates on Jive-n – And Transforms the Company’s Culture
Case Study
Nuance’s Jive-n social intranet energizes company-wide collaboration, connection and productivity.
Nuance Communications Seamless Migration to Jive Cloud Puts Social Intranet on the Cutting Edge
Case Study
Learn how a single portal for Bluegreen’s entire sales force resulted in 80% adoption and a 12% increase in revenue.
Bluegreen Vacations: Sales Teamwork Thrives in Jive-n Social Intranet
Case Study
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