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Interactive Intranet and Customer Community Reports & Resources

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Learn how companies are increasing employee satisfaction and effectiveness with modern communication and collaboration technology.
Happiness is More Tools
With Jive-x, your customers and partners aren’t stranded in the information wilderness. You can finally foster deep engagement, authentic dialogue and lasting loyalty. Wouldn’t that be a better path?
Jive-x Surviving the Information Wilderness
Learn how an IT department often finds itself as the unintended go-between between all of the people in an organization.
Six Degrees of Separation: IT Edition
Online communities engage and support customers and partners. See how customers increase customer loyalty, enable partners, and drive sales with Jive-x.
Jive-x Online Communities by the Numbers
Learn how companies are increasing retention and productivity with a remote workforce.
The Future of Work is Now
Today, work can happen from anywhere, at any time. Are you giving your employees the tools they need to succeed? Knowing what your mobile workforce needs for success will pay…
6 Tips for Your Growing Mobile Workforce
You need to reach the right people at the right time and gauge the effectiveness of your communication.
Ditch the Inbox: Rethink Email and Boost Employee Engagement Infographic
Can your team manage the creation of a new intranet?
The Game of Intranet Pursuit
Learn how companies and executives are embracing technology to drive engagement and higher employee productivity.
Lack of Employee Engagement Is Killing Your Bottom Line: The Stats
In a one-page snapshot, learn why communities like Jive-x are so powerful for brands
Why Branded Customer Communities Make Sense
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