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Onboarding shouldn’t be a fragmented process between HR and the new hire’s team. Discover six easy steps to turn onboarding into a retention tool.
The Right Way to Onboard: Improve Employee Onboarding With Team Collaboration
Aging, fragmented communication tools are holding healthcare organizations back, but a new generation of solution is stepping in to fill the gap, providing a simple, streamlined environment for clinical collaboration…
Ending Fragmentation and Improving Collaboration in the Healthcare Industry
At a time when healthcare collaboration is more vital than ever, Jive simplifies clinicians’ lives with a single platform for secure care collaboration, critical communications and eHealth record (EHR) support.
Why Jive for Healthcare Collaboration
User groups can be one of the most effective channels for engaging customers and advocates. Check out these five keys to running successful user groups.
How to Run Effective User Groups
Why are so many employees disengaged and execs disconnected – and what can corporate communications do to help?
Solving Disconnected Teams Through Collaboration
When shopping for an intranet solution, the lowest price tag doesn’t always equal the lowest cost. You need to evaluate the total cost of ownership. This whitepaper will tell you…
Pay Now or Pay More Later: Comparing the Costs of Interactive Intranets Vs. General-Purpose Collaboration Platforms
Learn how financial, regulatory and technological forces are reshaping healthcare – and why better clinical collaboration is a must-have to survive – in this whitepaper.
Connecting Clinicians is Critical: Trends Driving the Future of Healthcare Collaboration
Technology usually began its life in the office before being adopted by consumers: think the PC. But with the advent of mobile, everything changed and, these days, consumer apps are…
6 Tips for Engaging the New Mobile Workforce
Learn about 6 key ingredients that no interactive intranet should be without.
6 Key Features Of An Interactive Intranet
Is your team working hard in different directions? Learn how to best communicate alignment to your employees and measure your communication’s impact.
4 Reasons No One Reads Your Employee Newsletter
Jive connects all your people, knowledge, and content in a secure collaboration hub across mobile and desktop devices.
Jive Interactive Intranet: The Gateway to Your People and Knowledge
Why should you replace or modernize your intranet?
The End of the SharePoint Intranet Era
Two leaders have teamed up for a complete file sharing and collaboration solution
Box and Jive: Even Better Together
Download this white paper and learn how social intranets help solve some of the biggest challenges CIOs face, and turn them into heroes, too.
5 Big Ways Social Intranets Solve CIO Problems
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