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Interactive Intranet and Customer Community Reports & Resources

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Around the world, organizations are rallying to build branded communities. Not all succeed. CMX & Leader Networks surveyed over 400 professionals to learn the keys to community success.
Keys to Community Readiness and Growth: How Brands Prepare for Online Community
Learn how financial, regulatory and market forces are reshaping healthcare – and why better clinical collaboration is a must-have to survive – in this whitepaper by global health economist Boris…
Connecting Clinicians is Critical: Trends Driving the Future of Healthcare Collaboration in 2016
Technology usually began its life in the office before being adopted by consumers: think the PC. But with the advent of mobile, everything changed and, these days, consumer apps are…
6 Tips for Engaging the New Mobile Workforce
Jive’s external community platform gets high marks from top analysts—and rave reviews from customers. Find out why Forrester Research named Jive a leader in its June 2015 “Forrester Wave: Social…
The Jive-x External Community Platform Makes Waves with Analysts and Customers
Learn the 6 key features of Interactive Intranets and how they impact employee productivity, engagement and job satisfaction.
6 Key Features Of An Interactive Intranet
Here are four compelling reasons why you should take a hard look at your intranet now.
4 Reasons You Need an Interactive Intranet
When budget is limited, you shouldn’t have to trade off between customer communities and self-service.
Creating a Seamless Customer Experience
At Jive, we know that self-service capabilities and customer communities are critically important, and that you shouldn’t choose one over the other.
The Best of Both Worlds: Self-Service Communities
Is your team working hard in different directions? Learn how to best communicate alignment to your employees and measure your communication’s impact.
4 Reasons No One Reads Your Employee Newsletter
As Microsoft shifts its focus to the cloud, it’s clear that the Sharepoint Intranet era is ending. So where does this leave custom SharePoint social solutions like Sitrion?
The End of the Sitrion and Sharepoint Intranet Era
Jive connects all your people, knowledge, and content in a secure collaboration hub across mobile and desktop devices.
Jive Interactive Intranet: The Gateway to Your People and Knowledge
Why should you replace or modernize your intranet?
The End of the SharePoint Intranet Era
Looking for an online community to build brand mindshare, fuel sales or streamline customer support? Jive-x does it all, activating and accelerating every step of the customer journey.
Jive-x Branded Communities: Customers & Solutions
Why Jive? So many reasons. See how Jive-x and Jive-n can help your employees, customers and partners work better together.
Jive Software: Products & Solutions on One Page
Engaging Employees in the Work-Anywhere Era
Every Screen is a Desk
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