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Allscripts Testimonial Video

How Allscripts replaced its Lithium instance with a Jive-x community for client collaboration and communication, leading to big efficiency improvements and better engagement.

Allscripts Transcript

My name’s Amanda Mitchell. I’m the Director of the client office at Allscripts. Allscripts is a healthcare technology company, and we deliver software and services from the physicians all the way to the hospitals. We’ve been using Jive for two and a half years, and we’ve actually had an evolution in our social media, and have exploded since we implemented Jive. So the business pressure that we were seeing is really just about effectively collaborating and communicating to our large base of clients.


The critical factor why we picked Jive was really our clients. I mean, we went back and looked, and our clients loved Jive.
Customer Headshot
Amanda Mitchell
Client Office Director

We had a lot of positive feedback. So at Allscripts, we’re actually a merged company, formed of two companies, and we started with SharePoint. We weren’t successful. We actually had an instance of Lithium and an instance of Jive. And at that point, we went and re-evaluated to see what was the most successful for us long term, and we stayed with Jive. We have a great laundry list of people who are using Jive to communicate with our customers. We’ve got development, customer support, marketing. We’ve got special interest groups, we’ve got user groups, and we’ve got private client spaces, so clients are, you know, communicating with their implementation teams. I mean, I could go on and on.

The results we’ve seen from using Jive are really around, ultimately, the client experience. Positive feedback from clients being able to obtain information, communicating out product-type documents, they can get to that very easily and effectively, as well as making sure that they can share on how-to questions: things that shouldn’t really be going to support, and things that our users know best, as opposed to, people who are using the product, as opposed to our support and best practices. We’re still looking at, you know, “How do we change the game?” And we know we can do that through Jive.