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Blue Shield Testimonial Video

How Jive-n has transformed communication and  collaboration at Blue Shield of California.

Blue Shield Transcript

I’m Mark Keller. I look after internal communications and employer reputation for Blue Shield of California. What life was like before Jive was a lot of meetings, a lot of very long email chains. And now, we see a completely different environment, [one] where people are actually collaborating in real time, and providing lots of comments and lots of contexts around business problems. Our company is going through tremendous change right now, and we needed something more than the standard one-way HTML portal technology, because there’s a variety of opinions that we needed to capture, and a whole host of subject matter experts that need to engage in a dialogue to help us transform the company. And really, that’s what Jive was for us.

[In] the process of selecting Jive, we really did our due diligence. We looked at all the leaders in the industry that provide social software. Jive really came out on top for a variety of reasons, but most importantly, the intuitiveness and the  ease of use. What’s amazing about Jive is we first ran a pilot with a small subset of the organization, and we saw activity inside of Jive and all the different areas trend up pretty consistently. But once we rolled out Jive to the organization, one thing that’s been very clear is the momentum of communications in the spaces. The volume of spaces has grown monumentally. In fact, we were just having a meeting today with all our leaders and managers, and I can’t tell you how many times Jive came up as a solution for things that we could work on together, [and] collaborate across the organization.

There’s a variety of different types of  teams that are using Jive, whether it be the calendar feature, whether it be idea generation, whether it be blogging. Our organization used it for employee engagement. We actually went through the process of getting our engagement work together in Jive solely, so it represented the entire team, the entire organization [and] a variety of perspectives. And we whittled that down to one or two things that would really move the needle on engagement. There is no specific pattern to Jive. The amazing thing is that organizations use [Jive], but also specific groups of interest. For example, communications and marketing. We’re using it to have a single master editorial calendar, and to also kind of triage stuff as it comes up in the market. We’re seeing it for very broad reasons. To create a dialogue between leaders and their whole organizations, and then very specific reasons around things like getting all of the marketing leaders together to deal with specific topics of interest.

One specific way that the organization is using Jive is around culture effort. We just finished a meeting today where all  our managers and people leaders are going in, and helping us shape the culture together, collectively. So it is an all-employee engagement process, but it’s also an all-employee active dialogue to change the culture of this organization.