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Cameron Testimonial Video

Diane Slaughter explains how Jive-n is empowering high-performance teamwork across Cameron’s global workforce, and bringing real collaborative capabilities to content stored in SharePoint.

Cameron Testimonial Transcript

My name is Diane Slaughter, I’m director of marketing at Cameron. Cameron provides flow equipment in the oil and gas industry. We selected Jive because we were looking for two main things. We wanted really to be able to integrate our Sharepoint platform with our collaboration platform. We also wanted a very user friendly experience for our employees. We knew that it was going to have to be easier than Sharepoint to use for collaboration, and that it needed to be very intuitive, [and] that we weren’t going to be able to give classes to everybody on how to use this. And with Jive, we found we got the best of both of those two things.

Sharepoint was what we were using, as I said, and it was very good for some things, but it wasn’t good for other things. We found that our people were just not using it as a communication tool, they were using it mainly to store documents. By opening up a very collaborative environment that is very user friendly, that is very intuitive, we felt like we had a good chance of getting adoption to this platform. And it was actually quite amazing. Within three weeks, we had more users in the Jive community than we had in more than two years of a Sharepoint, team side. So, engineers are using Jive very effectively. They ask a lot of questions and they get answers quickly and correctly, which is making their work better and faster.

IT is using it to self serve our Cameron technology. They have dramatically reduced call tickets with Jive, and they’re very happy about that. IT were great adopters of Jive. Marketing came very quickly after we saw the success of IT, and got some really great ideas on how to use it for marketing. We also have our HSE folks, and our quality people are using Jive. We are moving all of our functions into Jive, and actually trying to build a social intranet at Cameron with Jive.

We hear from our employees say that they really now feel like they’re part of “one Cameron.” We have people all over the world who definitely, before we opened Jive to the enterprise, felt like they were part of a different company. The ability to communicate well in a collaborative environment allows us to do things like reduce our error rate. It allows us to get to market quicker with our products, by getting the right information to the right people more quickly. It also is very helpful for us when we help our customers. When they call us now, it’s easier for us to get them to the right place at the right time. Overall, Jive is much better than I ever expected. It has solved so many problems for Cameron, from communication to effectiveness, efficiencies, all kinds of things. I can’t believe we didn’t do it sooner.