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Cameron Unites People and Content in Jive-n

Cameron's Director of Marketing Technology explains how Jive-n improves on tools such as SharePoint, uniting content and people in one easy-to-use collaborative hub.


Jive is our internal collaboration platform. And it’s the only way I know of to get content out of disparate locations and bring it together in one place. I’ve been in organizations where a lot of companies are trying to do the knowledge sharing and we’ve used SharePoint. They’ve tried Chatter, they’ve tried Yammer, they’ve tried a lot of things and nothing works because they’re piecemeal tools. They’re each fit for one purpose.

Jive takes all of that great, rich capability and it brings it together in one tool.
Customer Headshot
Diane Slaughter
Director of Marketing Technology

It takes the great capability of storing documents in one place, having the great conversations that are very well-threaded with answers that will come up to the top rather than having to scroll through and find them. And bringing all of the people that are around that content into that one single place. And it just does all of that.

I also love that you can pull the content out of other platforms and put it in Jive so that you have one system of record for your collaboration. It makes Cameron employees more productive because they don’t spend their time searching for answers. We’re enabling each other, we’re empowering each other as an organization that’s engaged over content and motivated to share. I don’t know how we ever survived without it.