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Cisco: Jive-x Communities Boost Top and Bottom Line

Cisco's 600,000-strong customer and partner communities are helping the company raise customer satisfaction, deflect cases, drive better partner engagement and increase sales.

Cisco Testimonial Transcript

We have about 600,000 registered users of our Jive-x communities of different types: communities for our collaboration product users, communities for our security product users, and of course, networking and so on. We’ve seen great adoption. We’ve seen really high satisfaction from the customers and the partners and the employees who engage on those communities. Our customers are collaborating and communicating with each other, and with our partners and with our employees. They’re asking questions of people they trust and they’re getting advice in a non-threatening environment.

The benefits that we see are multifold. We’re more efficient because we see a decrease in the caseload to our technical support teams. Our customers are answering for each other. Our partners are jumping into the conversation and demonstrating their capabilities as trusted advisers to those customers. Customers are recommending upgrades to each other. They’re recommending new products or extensions or adjacent products. So essentially we’re gaining higher wallet share from the current customers that we do have, and we’re gaining satisfaction from those customers as well. So we’re winning on both ends of this. At the bottom line because we’re saving money, at the top line because we’re earning more money from those customers that we do have.

We're winning on both ends of this: at the bottom line because we're saving money, at the top line because we're earning more money from those customers that we do have.
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Mark Yolton
VP, Digital