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Cisco: Why Cisco Chose Jive-X as its External Community Platform

Cisco needed a best-of-breed platform to power its online customer and partner communities. Cisco's VP of Digital explains why they chose Jive-x.


Before Jive, we had fragmented customer experiences externally. Customers and partners and Cisco employees didn’t have a way to connect and collaborate with each other.

We chose Jive-x because it's a scalable platform that can handle the needs, the size of Cisco's customer and partner base, and also it's fully featured, and it's constantly evolving.
Customer Headshot
Mark Yolton
VP, Digital


We didn’t want to be in the community platform business. We wanted to be able to trust a vendor to do those things, and for us to manage the community.

I really like Jive-x. I’ve used Jive-x for years, even before I joined Cisco at a previous company. I think the product is awesome. Number one, it’s easy to use. People don’t need training. They don’t need a user manual. You just go in, you log in and you start. Number two, I can follow individuals that I find interesting, and I can stop following, very important. I can follow topics or particular blogs or posts that I find interesting, and continue to follow those until they’re no longer interesting. So I can find people, follow people, follow topics, engage in conversation. It’s very simple.

The benefit that Cisco gets from all of this, from this participation, this hosting of Jive-x for our customers and our partners or employees is really to get those people connected to each other. It is the platform upon which customers, partners, employees and others are connecting, collaborating, and communicating.