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Connecting Employees, Customers and Partners with Internal and External Communities

Plex Systems: Jive-n and Jive-x Communities Are Better Together

Jive-powered intranets and customer communities are great by themselves. But they’re even better together, as Heidi Melin, CMO of Plex Systems, explains.

What’s better than having a Jive Interactive Intranet or Customer Community? Having both. Enterprise cloud vendor Plex Systems is a case in point. Internally, Plex’s Jive-n intranet is a one-stop-shop for internal communication, collaboration, onboarding and more. Externally, Plex’s Jive-x community brings together customers, partners and employees for product education, support and innovation. Together, Jive-n and Jive-x have helped Plex build a fully connected ecosystem, where everyone works and succeeds as a team.

Video Transcript

So at PLEX, we’re leveraging the power of Jive with two communities. One that’s our internal community, or intranet, called Cloud City. There’s a Star Wars reference there, and we use that for internal communications as well as to engage with our employees. Not just one-way communication, but two-way communication with our employees becomes really important. The ability to ask questions and engage is critical. And we’re also using it to collaborate across teams and across projects, and we use it to on-board employees. Many new employees even talk about the fact that it’s the most impactful onboarding experience they’ve ever had, allowing them to get up to speed quickly, which is important for a growth-oriented company like PLEX.

Our external community focuses on customers and partners, and it has increased engagement with those audiences. But even more importantly, we use it as an innovation engine, taking ideas and input from our customers and partners that fuels our product development over time. So having Jive to power both our company intranet as well as our external customer and partner community is really important because it allows us to leverage a similar tool set and similar skills, allowing us to break down barriers between our employees, our partners, and our customers in a way that everyone is comfortable with.