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Critical Mass Testimonial Video

How Jive-n helped a global marketing agency collaborate better, improve productivity and win new business.

Critical Mass Testimonial Video Transcript

My name is Alyssa Rosengarden, and I am an Application Support manager at Critical Mass. We are a digital marketing agency located out of Calgary, but we have global offices all around the world. Jive is changing the way that we do business at Critical Mass. It’s definitely changed the way that we think about collaborating. It’s changed the way that we think about being social with one another, and it’s really actually just changed the way that we function as a company.


In agency life, it’s hard to get so many people on the same page. Everyone is creative, everyone wants to have a say and the more people that you can put into that conversation, the better outcomes you’re going to get; and this has given us a way to do that. So with our implementation of Jive we have had pitches that have gone out the door on time, faster than usual with over 100 employees participating on it, when before, that would not have even been a possibility. But the pitch probably wouldn’t have also been as good because we wouldn’t have had as many opinions and as many people looking at it.


Everyone knows what the other teams are doing. Everyone knows what’s being worked on, and if they want, everyone can have a say in that now. It’s been epic how wonderfully it’s worked had an employee tell us that through the use of Jive and our CM1 community that he now feels more part of the company again. I love so much about Jive, but I think for me personally, and our company’s usage, the collaboration options, beingable to version your documents, being able to share them with people who are in different time zones, who are in the London office when you’re in Toronto office…it’s just made it so much easier, and it’s gotten us out of email so that’s been a huge one.