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Devoteam: From Onboarding to Sales, Jive-n Delivers Massive Benefits

Devoteam's Jive-n Interactive Intranet has had a massive impact on nearly every function in the company, from HR to corporate communications to sales.

When Devoteam replaced its traditional collaboration and intranet systems with Jive-n, the effects were far-reaching. Onboarding times have been cut in half. Sales wins are faster and bigger. Employees are better connected and more efficient. Knowledge sharing, project management, recruiting and talent retention have all improved by leaps and bounds.


Jive is definitely the social intranet for the group. It’s also the only way you can find out about people, so it’s really the main piece of our corporate directory. It’s also empowering our communities of experts, so all the people engage in one technology to share best practices. It’s also supporting project management. We’ve used Jive as a system to facilitate our onboarding program. Most of the managers are saying that onboarding time has been cut by half since we’ve been using Jive.

So at Devoteam, we have quite a large and complex sales process, and we’ve been using Jive to gather all the people involved in the sales process in client places, where now they can find all the details needed to win a complex deal. The life cycle has been shortened by 30%, and we’ve observed that we’ve been able to win some great million-Euro deals that we would not be winning. And it also is a great way for us to attract talent, I mean employee branding. So I hear hundreds of comments every day, people sharing the fact that Jive is making their daily life easier. One unique workplace, where people could find the connection and the work that need to be done during the day.