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Devoteam Unites Employees in Jive-n Digital Workplace

Devoteam replaced more than 20 traditional intranets and collaboration systems with Jive-n, creating a true digital workplace that's brought big jumps in engagement and efficiency.

In the past, France-based IT consultancy Devoteam struggled to communicate and collaborate effectively across its multinational teams. That changed when the company replaced its IBM Lotus Notes system and 20 separate intranets with a Jive-n Interactive Intranet, bringing employees together in a single digital workplace that collapses silos and geographic barriers.


Before using Jive, we had IBM Lotus Notes technology to structure our portal and our knowledge management tools. It was very siloed. We were depending a lot on IT to do specific development. And we also had an intranet that was locked, no conversation at all. And it was really a pain at this time that we needed to face, to enable collaboration and knowledge sharing. We picked Jive because it was a ready to use product, out of the box. I mean you just had to connect with your directory and you were ready to go. It was very user friendly. We could use it from computers, mobiles, and anywhere in the world.

So we gathered 20 intranets into Jive when we launched. It was a very key success factor for us, so that people could feel they could find useful information regarding the organization. What was amazing is that for the first time, I believe employees felt they were part of a group. It was no longer the Danish team, and the Norwegian team, and the French team. We could feel that everybody could interact facing the same client problems, facing the same interest for our technology. So for me it’s about creating an environment where people can connect and work together in a digital workplace.