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Ellucian: Customer Engagement Surges in Jive-Powered eCommunities

From collaboration to peer-to-peer sharing and personalized communications, Ellucian's online customer community is building stronger relationships and driving satisfaction ever higher.

Educational technology provider Ellucian needed a better way to connect with customers – and for customers to connect with each other. The solution is Ellucian’s Jive-powered “eCommunities,” providing a complete customer experience that includes everything from direct collaboration to networking, peer-to-peer sharing and personalized communications. “Jive is mission critical,” says Ellucian Director of Community Jamie Battin. “Without it we wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are with our customer relationships, with our customer engagement and the level of customer satisfaction we have today.”

The Go-To Destination for Customers

We wanted this to become the go-to place for our customers. We wanted to create what we refer to as a unified customer experience, bringing together collaboration, networking, an opportunity for Ellucian to provide strategy, road map information, be a member of the community in an effective and meaningful way, allow customers to network with one another, and peer-to-peer sharing. And Jive met all of those expectations and gave us an incredible amount of room to grow. There are a lot of capabilities and components in Jive that we have not leveraged yet, but we intend to, and so that’s why we selected Jive. It met all of our needs for today and for the future.

The impacts are tremendous. We have seen tremendous positive energy from the customers. They really like the solution. It’s so easy to use, it’s very intuitive for them. We are continually rolling out new pieces and it’s very easy to roll it out, explain with very little direction how to use various pieces and functionality of the Jive solution. Customers are thrilled and we’re now looking at how can we understand the data captured in eCommunities: how can we look at the information that’s there to understand patterns, trends, the analytics, and driving even more adoption and use for our customers. For Ellucian, Jive is a mission-critical component. Without it we would not be anywhere near where we are with our customer relationships, with our customer engagement, and the level of customer satisfaction that we have today.


Leverage Gamification, Groups, & Personalized Communications

The gamification component absolutely has helped in another dimension to bring customers in, get them involved, completing missions, who has what, getting them to update their me-in-three profile information. All of that has an effect on the community. Our ability to spin up these private groups for our development partners and our advisers. We have a lot of groups that advise us on product strategy and give us product input. The ease of which you can spin up a group, get folks into that group, and begin to dialogue and engage and begin the work of the group is tremendous. The instant notifications, the digests, the streams and the way that users can configure their own individual communication plan is absolutely critical, because each user has a different model that they want to work with or work by and a standard by which they want to receive information. Some prefer immediately, some prefer digest, some prefer stream. Jive supports all of that and that’s tremendous, and customers really do appreciate that.