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EMC Testimonial Video: Jonathan Martin

Jonathan Martin describes how EMC has driven engagement to new heights and unlocked latent business value with employee and customer communities powered by Jive-n and Jive-x.

EMC Testimonial Video: Jonathan Martin Transcript

My name’s Jonathan Martin, I’m Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing for EMC. EMC is a company that uses cloud big data and security technologies to help organizations deliver IT as a service. EMC has been, I guess, a long term paid up member of the Jive fan club. We started back in 2003; as many organizations did, building a support community and using Jive as a way, a new way, of bringing together our customers and our support engineers for both cost and call deflection. Over the years, we’ve evolved both an internal and external community, that in 2012, we fully integrated with our web environment and all our social media environment to provide a seamless experience for our customers.

Again and again and again, we’re finding new ways to leverage community to go and repurpose and redesign business processes that have been around for decades. The most fundamental thing that community is bringing is a level of unprecedented engagement. People that are fully engaged with the Jive community, with the EMC community network, are delivering on average 48% more revenue to EMC than organizations that are not engaged in a community. You’re looking at things like the social launches that we did earlier in the year that have allowed us to engage, not tens or hundreds of people, but have allowed us to engage over 52,000 people in six months in product launches. Whether it be the 170 million social interactions we’ve done over the last two years, or whether it be just the growth and the overall engagement, Jive is really empowering us to do fundamentally new things and unlock latent business value.