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Hitachi Data Systems Testimonial Video

Sr. VP of IT John Abel describes how Jive-n and Jive-x have made Hitachi Data Systems a nimbler, more effective organization, enabling it to compete successfully on a global playing field with much larger companies.

Hitachi Data Systems Testimonial Transcript

We’re about a 7,000 people organization operating in over 100 countries around the world. We compete in a market where there are other companies that are much larger than us, and therefore it’s more important that we can take those on by being the leaner, more nimble and more responsive to our customer needs than the larger global companies that we compete with. Therefore, we elected to use the Jive solution to help our field engineers become more responsive to their customer needs. We found that our other installed base or other knowledge-based systems that we had that were already being used, were more of a single way communication platform and were not effective at doing the job. With Jive, it allowed our users, our field engineers, to really start becoming more communicative and collaborative, so if they were looking at a whitepaper or responding to a customer need and they had questions, they could do that on the platform itself as opposed to figuring out who to call or how to respond or do that on email, and therefore it made the end-to-end problem solving for our customers a lot more effective.

From the initial deployment in 2010, after we had deployed the services, we’d seen a need that we could use it for our sales organization for new employees coming on, so we could route them faster. After that it really started to grow and we found more and more use cases for the Jive platform, and today it’s used by over 70% of the organization. It really brings together a couple of key features that I think set it aside from other applications on the marketplace. One is it’s search capabilities for the content, which allows any user of the Jive platform to get to their information a lot faster, which is extremely important in business today. The other thing is you can’t always go get information, you can engage in a dialogue through the Jive platform about the content that you’re going to research.

Our most recent experience with the Jive platform, after the success we had with the internal community called The Loop, [was that] we decided to launch an external community for our partners and our customers. Customers and partners will talk about your company no matter what. If you want to have some control over that, you’re better to give them a community. What we’ve seen from the is increased customer satisfaction, very positive feedback coming from the partners. The Jive platform certainly has made our customer service organization more efficient and therefore we then had to expand our headcount in line with the growth in our business.

As a senior vice president of IT, the thing I love most about Jive is it's the first system in my over 20 years experience I never had to force a user to use.
Customer Headshot
John Abel
Vice President of Information Technology
Hitachi Data Systems

As a senior vice president of IT, the thing I love most about Jive is it’s the first system in my over 20 years experience I never had to force a user to use. We provided it to our user base, we provided the platform and they basically came and said, “This is something we’ve been looking for, this is something we value and this is something we find extremely beneficial in our day to day jobs. And that can be whether you’re in finance, marketing, sales, services, IT…any function of a company.” From my standpoint that’s one of the biggest benefits of having it at the company. For me it basically goes back to allowing our employees to share and collaborate more effectively, and that is so important in today’s business world.