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The Information Wilderness: Brand Disconnect

There are so many ways to express “brand”— images, web copy, social, forums—but do your customers get a consistent experience across all of them?

Customers have the opportunity to see a brand from all different points of view—from their website to their social posts and community forums. Many times, what they see from place to place may feel completely different. Learn how to drive customer loyalty by offering a consistent experience across all aspects of your brand.

In their support journey, customers are often forced to choose a path—either slog through a quagmire of community forums or slice through a tangle of self-service options. There’s a better way. With Jive-x, you can foster deep engagement, authentic dialogue and lasting loyalty.

Want to learn more? Check out the “Surviving the Information Wilderness” Infographic.

Video Deep Dive with Kevin Williams

Problem: Incomplete Experience. Jive-x – ‘Surviving the Information Wilderness’


You’re out there, you’re online, you’re searching, you actually found that article and you’re reading this article and it doesn’t relate at all. It’s out of touch, it doesn’t connect to you, and I think that’s really important as well. Because you look at this and you look at a lot of companies and use the word “brand” and they say, “Oh, that’s a marketing thing, ” and everything else, and it’s not. It’s a holistic philosophy that you actually have to make sure and maintain to really engage and make sure you’re touching the employees the right way, or customers the right way. It’s through things such as when you’re actually writing the articles, you have to make sure you have the right tone. It’s more than when you’re talking about brand, it’s more than just the color scheme. Yeah it is. 


It's the words you're actually using, it's the formatting you're using, it's the phrasing because you've done all this work to build up a brand and a reputation.
Customer Headshot
Kevin Williams
Vice President of Customer Support
Jive Software

You get a customer on board, they’re actually learning and everything else, and then they have this post-sales experience that doesn’t match and is very jarring. So that’s where it has to make sure that when you build up that brand, that reputation, that experience, you have to make sure and maintain that through the whole process, and that’s often overlooked.

When you’re looking at those self-service channels, it’s like “Oh yeah, I just have this guy over here that’s not at all connected to the marketing group or anything else, doing his own thing,” and it’s a very jarring experience, and users notice that. Customers definitely notice that, they pick up on it, and can actually have the right answer. They could actually say, “You come in, you read this thing, it has the right answer,” but it’s written in such a way that you’re not used to, and so you’re really not going to necessarily trust it because it doesn’t sound like it’s official content. You’re going to question it. So making sure you build that experience, you maintain that brand, that style, the writing style through the entire experience, whether that’s in the website, whether that’s sales collateral and whether that’s through your support processes through the knowledge base. It’s just essential that that’s done through the entire experience.