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The Information Wilderness: Empty Customer Communities

There’s nothing cozy or inviting about an empty customer forum. But how do you entice them to take off their coats and stay a while?

Ever visit an abandoned community forum? When the tumbleweeds roll by and customers hear crickets, they’re not going to stay to ask a question—or hear the answer. What’s the secret to enticing them to stay a while? The answer: moderation and support.

In their support journey, customers are often forced to choose a path—either slog through a quagmire of community forums or slice through a tangle of self-service options. There’s a better way. With Jive-x, you can foster deep engagement, authentic dialogue and lasting loyalty.

Want to learn more? Check out the “Surviving the Information Wilderness” Infographic.

Video Deep Dive with David Bastedo

Problem: Unanswered Questions. Jive-x – ‘Surviving the Information Wilderness’


If you’re a customer and you do go to a customer community, you find that it’s a bit of a no man’s land. And you see tumbleweeds everywhere and there’s no one there—it’s not a good experience. It feels pretty bad and you don’t feel like you want to ask questions in here, you know you’re not going to find the help you need, and it feels like it’s not active. There’s no reason to go here any more.

So it’s critical that communities are being managed and that they are being actively monitored and supported.
Customer Headshot
David Bastedo
Senior Knowledge Base Engineer
Jive Software

I think…support communities, they feel—when they’re done right—it works really well. And when they’re neglected, it’s a negative experience for everyone. It’s super critical that they’re done correctly.

Create deep engagement, authentic dialogue and lasting loyalty.

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