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The Information Wilderness: Inaccuracies in Customer Forums

An active customer community is a wonderful thing—but how do you make sure your customers are getting the right information?

When someone asks a question in a busy customer community, they can get quite a few responses—and all with varying degrees of accuracy. While it’s great to have an active support forum, how do you make sure your customers are getting the right information? You need a few processes in place.

In their support journey, customers are often forced to choose a path—either slog through a quagmire of community forums or slice through a tangle of self-service options. There’s a better way. With Jive-x, you can foster deep engagement, authentic dialogue and lasting loyalty.

Want to learn more? Check out the “Surviving the Information Wilderness” Infographic.

Video Deep Dive with Kevin Williams

Problem: Irrelevant Information. Jive-x – ‘Surviving the Information Wilderness


You’ll ask a question and you’ll have five or six people chime in, and they’ll actually have different opinions. First and foremost: that’s a great problem to have because it’s already a sign that you have a very active and vibrant community. And it’s wonderful.

But this is a more advanced thing, because…there are large companies where you have millions of end-users out there. If you throw a community out there, you’re probably going to have pretty good adoption and up-tick pretty quick. But there are not a lot of companies that have that.

More often than not, it’s thousands, tens of thousands of users…hundreds of thousands that are going to be jumping into your community.
Customer Headshot
Kevin Williams
Vice President of Customer Support
Jive Software

And so the first problem is actually driving adoption. If you have that problem—of five different customers have answered with five different opinions—you should celebrate first! But you’re always going to want to put this from a customer’s view; it’s still not an ideal view.

That’s where having moderation on top, not a feature function moderation, but to make sure you have a process that is reviewing these discussions that are unanswered or that have not been marked as correct are actually reviewed. Even if they’re responded to, they should still be reviewed because maybe, just like that situation, maybe there’s three or four right answers—or maybe there’s one that’s more right than the other. That’s where it’s really nice to have the power of the company to come in and say, “These are all really good answers, but the official response should be this—and this is actually…the company recommended solution.”

Create deep engagement, authentic dialogue and lasting loyalty.

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