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The Information Wilderness: Isolation in Community Forums

Want an easy way to build activity and boost engagement in forums and communities? It’s simple: give customers the tools to share.

When we find great content online and in forums, we automatically want to share it with like minds. By giving customers the tools to share within forums and communities, they will build activity and boost engagement—and that, builds brand loyalty.

In their support journey, customers are often forced to choose a path—either slog through a quagmire of community forums or slice through a tangle of self-service options. There’s a better way. With Jive-x, you can foster deep engagement, authentic dialogue and lasting loyalty.

Want to learn more? Check out the “Surviving the Information Wilderness” Infographic.

Video Deep Dive with David Bastedo

Problem: No Sharing. Jive-x – ‘Surviving the Information Wilderness


If I find news or an article I want to share with my network, if I can’t share that with the people that I know, it feels like I’m very isolated. I don’t know what to do with this information, I have no way of sharing it out. So when there are tools in a platform where you are able to broadcast this out to your community and your followers,

it's a great way to share with people what you're interested in, what you're learning, and to bring people into the fold and into the conversation.
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David Bastedo
Senior Knowledge Base Engineer
Jive Software

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