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Integrate Office 365 with Jive to Improve Document Collaboration

Jive & Office 365 Series: Document Collaboration

See how Jive's integration with Office 365 improves document collaboration, making it easier for people across different offices to create, edit, manage and give feedback.

Jive’s integration with Office 365 greatly improves document collaboration and employee productivity. By offering a unified place to work, Jive makes it easier for people across different offices and timezones to create, edit, manage and give feedback across multiple applications.

In this video, you’ll see how document collaboration works in Office 365 on its own, and then see how it works when O365 is integrated into Jive. Jive integrates seamlessly with Office 365 to allow fluid feedback and editing. Content can be updated and commented on from anywhere, and everything synchronizes automatically—and in real-time. And when employees can discover everything from a single search box, you can improve work efficiency and productivity and boost job satisfaction.

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