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Intranet Analytics & Metrics for Employee Engagement and KPI Measurement Explained

Jive-n Analytics: Data-Driven Insight at Every Level of Your Business

Discover Jive's detailed, easy-to-read metrics and reports for community managers, business leaders and individual users.

You may already know how Jive Interactive Intranets helps companies reach new levels of employee engagement, productivity and job satisfaction. But Jive goes beyond, with industry-leading analytics. As a single intranet that spans desktop and mobile systems, Jive gives you visibility into processes, interactions and engagement across your business. Powerful analytics and easy-to-understand reports tell you what’s working, what’s not and how to improve. See how wall-to-wall, actionable insight can drive measurable results.

Jive’s unparalleled insights include:

  • Community Adoption, Health and Engagement Analytics
  • Sentiment and Influence Analytics
  • Content and Personal Analytics

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