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Jive Customers Speak: IT Executives on Jive

IT execs explain why they chose Jive and how it's helped them modernize their digital infrastructure, cut costs and empower their businesses.

IT execs explain why they chose Jive and how it’s helped them modernize their digital infrastructure, cut costs and empower their businesses.


Tony MicGivern, CIO, FICO: I think one of the things that we fundamentally love about Jive is that it can be this central point of access for all employee productivity needs. And we can provide a single experience across multiple platforms, and we can integrate that platform with all of the other tools that people use.

Jean-Marc Chicco, CIO Lafarge: Two elements are very important for us in Jive. One, the ease of use. The second element is the ease of administration. We are able to administer Jive with less than three persons.

Brian Cassaza, CIO, Vistage International: What we found was that there’s a lot to like about Jive. There’s clean APIs, we can roll out features quickly and we have a very slick interface. As a CIO, one of the things I appreciate most about Jive is the continuous and significant investment in innovation, because it removes a lot of that responsibility off of my shoulders.

Stephen Lamb, CIO, British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT):  Jive is truly an enterprise solution, and that’s very important for me, for a CIO of an organization of my size.

John Abel, Sr. VP IT, Hitachi Data Systems: Well, as the senior vice president of IT, the thing I love most about Jive is this is the first system in my over 20 years of experience I never had to force a user to use. We provided the platform and they basically came and said this is something we’ve been looking for. This is something we value, and this is something we find extremely beneficial in our day-to-day jobs. And that can be whether you’re in finance, marketing, sales, services, IT.