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Jive-n Product Video

Jive-n is the digital workplace that unites people, information and systems so everyone can work better together – on any device. It aligns your workforce, makes employees more productive and streamlines IT operations. The result: lower costs, higher profits and a big competitive edge.

Jive-n Product Video Transcript

It’s a basic fact of today’s life that we can connect with the people and information we care about easily. Many successful companies have made connecting and communicating more easily a strategic priority. They’re tired of seeing 19% of every worker’s day wasted searching for information and expertise. Disconnected systems and apps all lead to miscommunication, lower productivity and a business losing its competitive edge. Jive-n is the digital workplace that brings people together. We marry conversations and ideas with actions  and answers, all available on any device. Technology moves quickly, so Jive-n is built as a hub, enabling workers to stay connected while using other apps or  enterprise systems. And for IT, it’s built to be flexible, hosted in the cloud or on premise. And it’s not just about keeping a smaller group in sync. Jive-n allows global organizations to keep every worker informed of key company strategies, and for their voices and ideas to be heard. Jive-n gets new employees up and running, and  increases employee retention and satisfaction by more visibly and regularly recognizing experts, sharing their knowledge. It all adds up to one thing, a company—your company—working better together.