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Jive Social Intranet & Customer Community Software in Action

In "Kinetic PlayLabs Wins the Holidays", see how internal and external social software from Jive puts employees and customers on the same page.

Watch how a company could use Jive-n social intranet software to turn their project around.

  • Find the right people and collaborate in real time
  • Edit documents, discuss ideas and get answers
  • Keep everybody on track and on deadline

The Jive-x external community platform lets you communicate with customers, rally advocates and helps close sales.

  • Talk directly to prospects and customers
  • Get meaningful feedback with focus groups
  • Build lasting communities

Jive’s social software solutions help organizations like yours overcome critical business problems every day.

Video Transcript

(Image showing a social media message) “@KineticPlaylabs has really done it now: #HolidaysRuined – @motherof5”

(Image showing a newspaper clipping, headline reads:) “Epic Tumble of Toy titan…”

Director of Market Research: I don’t think any of us thought it would be this bad.

HR Manager: I wasn’t proud of it.

CEO: The toy was doomed from the start. A miscommunication got us the cheap plastic. Budgets were out of control. Basically, the team blew it. I mean we…we blew it.

"Once we started using Jive things changed. I was finally working directly with the right people."
Customer Headshot
Company Executive
"Kinetic Playlabs"

(Video showing Jive’s collaboration software in action)

Director of Market Research: Before, it felt like I was just sending my research out into the void. Now, I actually see it getting shared around.

(Video showing Jive’s collaboration software in action)

HR Manager: So, I had seen this cool playground near my house, and it had this crazy musical instrument.

(Video showing Jive’s collaboration software in action)

Narrator: How did we know we were making a winner? Well, we used Jive-x to talk directly to customers to get feedback on prototypes and to build a community.

(Video showing Jive’s search capabilities)

Narrator: The focus groups; they were beyond helpful.

Product Designer: Looks like we have a winner.

Intern 1: Sourcing got a lot easier.

Intern 2: I can find everything I need.

Intern 1: There’s always a way to find answers.

Intern 2: Internal contacts. External sources. It’s all right here.

Intern 1: We’re all on the same page.

Intern 2: Literally.

Intern 1: Yeah, that’s what I meant.

Narrator: Meanwhile, sales were just crushing it.

(Image showing a social media message) “Well, look who’s back: @KineticPlayLabs Scoops Top Earnings: #HolidaysSaved”

(Image showing an article from Forbes, headline reads:) “PlayLabs Wins the Holidays!”

(Video showing Jive’s mobile messaging capabilities)

CEO: It’s been a great year, and I wanted to show you–

*Creative Manager opens new toy*

Creative Manager: It’s beautiful!

Intern 1: You were supposed to wait.

CEO: Okay, okay, next year I was thinking–

Product Designer: Oh, oh! I have an idea.