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Jive-x Product Video

Give your customers and partners a space to gather, and you’ll be amazed what they do together. Jive-x creates thriving customer and partner communities right out of the box, driving greater mindshare, better support, higher satisfaction and more sales.

Jive-x Product Video Transcript

The best brands don’t just find new customers, they turn customers into advocates by creating a customer culture with the community. Jive-x creates a thriving community of customers and partners right out of the box. Together they are your strongest advocates, driving new prospects and new ideas. Customers expect authentic, real-time support, education, training and updates from the brand and from each other. Meeting these expectations builds loyalty. Customers connect, find help and share all in one place. Brands that use Jive-x have seen customers spend 240% more once they are part of a community. Experiences that drive business and generate ideas while cutting support costs. Some Jive-x users report 40% fewer support calls and 30% higher customer satisfaction. And through gamification, Jive-x accelerates engagement. A Jive-x community offers rich content, conversation and collaboration to drive mindshare and amplify your voice in the marketplace. And with the best mobile experience possible, customers and partners can connect they way they want. You built a customer base. With it, Jive-x creates community. Give your customers a space to gather and you’ll be amazed at what they do together.