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Lafarge Testimonial Video: Digital Migration

As CIO Jean-Marc Chicco explains, Jive-n in the cloud has energized collaboration among the Lafarge’s 35,000 employees while lowering costs.

Lafarge Testimonial Video: Digital Migration Transcript

My job as a CIO is to transform the company using the new, I will say, digital world. And we have completely rebuilt a collaboration and knowledge suite which is based on a new mail system, on knowledge management, on collaboration, on [our] intranet; and Jive is part of these four basic tools. Two elements are very important for us in Jive. One is ease of use, because we are very lean. We believe sustainability comes with the individual coming on to the tool – no heavy newsletter, heavy training – so the ease of use is very important.

The second element is the ease of administration. We are able to administrate Jive with less than three people, which is very important in a company which is living on frugality, and a very lean structure. For [our] IT strategy, we want it to be Cloud-based as much as possible, so Jive was part of this move to cloud. Now, like I told you, it was part of the re-tool of our collaboration and knowledge suite, and now it’s a complete suite. Now it also helps change the mindset of people where hierarchy is also lower. It means that things are more transparent. You can have a big boss asking a question to someone you may not know, and this has created a stronger alignment on the far strategy, a stronger belonging to our common goals. So I think this is part, also, of the benefit of the collaboration platform. We created, thanks to Jive, a village. With 35,000 people. That’s a nice result.