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MarketStar Testimonial Video: Adam Gunn

MarketStar went from fragmentation and silos to cultural cohesion and alignment when it replaced its static intranet and SharePoint sites with Jive-n.

MarketStar Testimonial Video: Adam Gunn Transcript

MarketStar is a sales as a service company and we have about 2,000 full-time employees, and another 2,000 part time employees. They’re all across the country. Many of them work from home, and as an agency, their number one priority is to be the brand that they represent. So that creates a difficult proposition from an internal dialogue and communication perspective, because these people wanna be the brand they represent, but MarketStar also needs to communicate with them and have a relationship with them. So that was the challenge that we had at MarketStar.

Two years ago, we were using a variety of tools to try to accomplish communications. We had a static intranet that was basically just a skunk works website. Very push communication oriented. We also were trying to use SharePoint, but each team that was created got their own instance. There was no collaboration between the teams. With the help of Jive, we created MarketStar Connect, which is basically the hub and spoke of everything that goes on at MarketStar. It’s the home for our internal communications. Everything that any executive or any support organization wants to push out to the community, it’s there. Not only to be read, but also to be commented on and shared. The impact across MarketStar has been awesome. We’ve seen a reduction in e-mail and a reduction in meetings. We’re collaborating in the platform. It’s helping in our projects, our project management and our marketing communications. It’s really been incredible. We went from a siloed, fractured company to an organization that really has one another’s backs, that’s truly trying to do the right thing for the right reasons. And that’s so critical in the work that we do everyday.