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MarketStar Testimonial Video: Vaughn Aust

MarketStar helps leading brands train and motivate retail store associates in highly engaging Jive-x communities.

MarketStar Testimonial Video: Vaughn Aust

We sell on behalf of our clients, and we do that in a very personal one-to-one way. But that’s an expensive motion. Having a single sales rep walk into 50 stores. That’s the most that they can handle in a month. So we very much wanted to extend that one-to-one personal relationship, but do it in a digital, online way, so our cost of contact would come down. So, that’s where we got into Jive-x, and we started getting into building external communities to bring that same personal touch in a sales situation where you’re meeting face-to-face, online. And the results speak for themselves. I mean, we’ve been able to build communities on behalf of our clients for folks that are not their employees.

So, we’ve got several communities that were over 50,000 retail store associates, and again, these are folks that could represent a plethora of brands on behalf of our clients.


And we've been able to create that personal connection with someone that isn't their employee, and help train, motivate and make it fun and engaging.
Customer Headshot
Vaughn Aust
EVP of Digital Solutions


So when that moment of purchase comes, and they’re meeting with the customer, and they’re deciding what brand they recommend, our clients are top in mind. So that collaboration, that fun, that engagement, everything that we get with Jive-x, we use that to convert consumers to sales.