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McAfee Testimonial Video

McAfee’s Jive-x customer service community has driven big improvements in efficiency, call deflection and customer satisfaction.

McAfee Testimonial Transcript

My name is Barry McPherson. I work for McAfee as the Executive Vice President of  worldwide technical support and customer service. McAfee is the largest dedicated security company in the world. We protect businesses large and small, and make sure that we keep them safe. We had some challenges a few years ago with our own crude, clunky social community approach.
I’m sure that’s not uncommon for all the Jive customers. We went through an extended-hour fee process that had usual weightings and priorities. One of the things we found as part of our evaluation was, it wasn’t just the pricing, or the capabilities or the technology, it was really about the culture. And ultimately, one of the big decision points for McAfee was the culture of the people at Jive and how we could work together with them over time.

Social business for me, and for McAfee, includes a vision that brings together all of the different parts of the organization to work in collaboration for the benefit not only for our customers, but also internally. For example, usually it’s been point-to-point, one group working with another group,  whether it’s a customer or individual department or a manager. Now what we are able to quickly do is bring together all the different pieces of the company to work in one collaborative way to get to a solution faster.

One of the things we found in our internal community is that we have much more richness and ongoing participation. What we had previously was just simple point-to-point, or the occasional user dipping in to sell something or to broadcast something, and it never really was sustained. What we found [with] having a rich community experience now is [that] we continue to have greater and wider use. In fact, if you look at our internal growth, it’s been growing pretty dramatically, and so we find that it’s almost organic in a sense. The more participation we get, the better the experience is.

From an external perspective, what we’ve seen since we implemented Jive is dramatic improvements in a few different ways. One important thing for us is social. It’s really about enablement. And it’s the enablement of bringing together customers [and] different parts of the organization within McAfee. For example, we’ve seen a dramatic drop in our service request volume, not because customers are just finding the answers themselves, which is great, but also because we have product management, engineering and research participating with customers as well. We can actually make the product better. That wasn’t something that we were able to do so readily before, and now we are seeing the extended benefit of that.

One of my favorite moments, when I knew the Jive community was working was when… I know how much we all love those “reply all” emails that continue to grow and proliferate and take on lives of their own… One of the things that’s been a real shift, and I saw this a little while ago was, after a few versions of reply all, finally somebody will weigh-in and say “take it to the forums.” And that’s actually become part of our culture and the way we work now. When somebody does go back to the old ways, it self patrols, and they’ll say “take it to the forums,” and it’s great to see it show up there.

Really with Jive, we think there’s a great pathway for the future, and what we’ve done is proven the use case, which is just to start an external community forum, and that really worked well. Then we brought it inside and we actually built Jive within support so that it could be used and leveraged across the company. It wasn’t built just for support. We knew that our long-term strategy was to bring other groups to participate in it. And by doing that, we could bring it to those other groups, show them what we had, show them the benefit, and initially because we purchased it, they didn’t have to pay anything for it. Now they welcomely come into the forums. In fact, it’s become a real business drive across our product management group, our engineering group and our labs group. Our future, we believe, is just continuing to further extend that across the entire enterprise.