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National Instruments Testimonial Video

Jive has become instrumental to NI. Externally, a Jive-x customer community is fueling better engagement, satisfaction and sales while deflecting support calls and cutting costs. Internally, a Jive-n social intranet has led to new levels of productivity and global efficiency.

National Instruments Testimonial Transcript

I am the social strategist at National Instruments and we’ve been long time Jive customers. We’ve got deployments both on the internal and external side of the business. Jive powers our external customer community. This is over 200,000 members to date. They can share code, they can share ideas, they can get their questions answered, ultimately to become more successful and satisfied. I mean we see millions of dollars in savings to call deflections. We have customers answering each other’s questions. The more active customers are on our community, the more likely they are to purchase new products, repeat purchase and refer National Instruments to their colleagues.

Jive stands out from the rest of their competitors in that they offer the most comprehensive solution. You have the ability for customers to get their questions answered through discussion forums. You have the ability for customers to share knowledge, share ideas back with the business through an idea exchange, and you have the ability for customers to find each other, and group with each other, and that was something that we didn’t find other platforms did very well. After deploying Jive externally and helping our customers connect with each other and helping us connect with them, we figured why not apply that same paradigm inside the firewall. Jive is an internal social intranet, it allows employees to connect with each other, to collaborate with each other and for the company to communicate with all of these employees.

One of our favorite features of Jive is the ability for our employees to self-group and then form teams of collaboration because National Instruments is a very global company. We’ve got offices all over the world and so for employees to be able to get together and to work on the same project, being able to do that in a very effective manner really results in great productivity gains for us. With our internal deployment and external deployment of Jive, it’s really become a one-stop shop for anything community. So any time we need to connect with each other as employees, or if we need to connect with our customers, or if our customers need to connect to each other, Jive is going to provide the technology platform to do so.

Our next step with Jive is we’re planning to move our internal community to a cloud-hosted solution where we can go with features that are out of the box, we can have a much faster update cycle with releases and we can be guaranteed that the platform will perform. Jive has really become a business critical platform for us. It’s made employees more effective and more efficient. And so in that regard, there’s really no going back.