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Pact Testimonial Video

How a global non-profit replaced fragmented SharePoint sites with a single Jive-n social intranet. The intranet has become the “heart and soul” of Pact, uniting far-flung staff and hundreds of partner organizations, fostering an open, collaborative culture.

Pact Testimonial Video Transcript

Before we implemented Jive, each of our global offices were working in isolation. They felt disconnected from the whole, and so we really were having difficulty in creating a shared sense of culture and mission around the work that we were doing. We had a SharePoint intranet, but it was outdated. People, especially in our foreign offices, found it hard to access. And most people just didn’t use it on a regular basis unless they absolutely had to. When we replaced SharePoint with Jive,  we got not just a new intranet, but a social intranet. It just took off like a wildfire. So in one year we went from 25 core people starting it on day one to over 80% of our organization, and hundreds of partners, all collaborating on the same platform.

Now it’s really the heart and soul of our organization. Not only do we do our proposals, find people with specific expertise that we pull in on different projects, but it’s really kind of helped us to redefine our culture and be more open, transparent and collaborative. Pact’s CEO talks about our organization going from transactional to transformational, and I think Jive is  really at the heart of that for us. So it makes us more efficient in our transactional business, but it also allows us to be transformational at anything from innovations in our work, to changing the world around us through collaborating more with our partners. Jive allows us to do all those things really well and efficiently.