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Pink Petro: Jive-x Powers Fast-Growing Online Community

Pink Petro wanted an online community they could get up and running fast with minimal effort, while providing rich interaction and high engagement. Jive-x fit the bill, and in just a few short weeks, the The Social Channel for Women in Energy has taken off.


My business is a very disparate one in energy. We have people who work in the most remote parts of the world and in offices. Jive-x represents a way to bring our community together when they want, how they want, and on what device they want in a secure way. I’m a startup, and I wanted something that I could easily deploy but maintain and take releases over time. The cloud represents a great place for us to host our community. It’s secure and I felt like if it was good for big brands, it’d be good for big energy companies.

Many of our members are from large energy companies globally. I’m very proud to say that in 13 weeks since we’ve launched, we’ve seen about 500 members. We have 18 countries represented and over 150 companies. We’re getting calls from companies right now, asking about how they can bring their work forces on in the thousands. I’m very excited about our growth.

For me, Jive represents really a core way to collaborate, a core way to bring your community together, to share information, to share ideas, and to really connect people.
Customer Headshot
Katie Mehnert
Pink Petro

One of the reasons I chose Jive, beyond the fact that it’s a great product, is it’s built by wonderful people. People who are interested in work style. People who are interested in the future of work. This is becoming quite a hot issue. It’s something that we’re going to all have to deal with, and I’m pleased to be bringing it to the energy sector.