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Pink Petro: How Jive-x Beats the Competition

Pink Petro CEO Katie Mehnert describes her past experience with products like Microsoft SharePoint and Yammer, why she picked Jive this time around and why she hasn't looked back.


I’m a two-time implementer of Microsoft Yammer. I supported that while at Shell and at BP. I was a senior champion in both implementations and found adoption didn’t necessarily take off as quickly as I think we would have wanted to. The tool was not anything other than just an activity stream, and so for me,


Jive represents really a core way to collaborate, a core way to bring your community together to share information, to share ideas and to really connect people.
Customer Headshot
Katie Mehnert
Pink Petro


My industry uses Microsoft. It’s all Microsoft. It’s Microsoft SharePoint, it’s all the Microsoft [products] and then all the free stuff that Microsoft puts on top. And it’s unfortunate, because I remember spending my last several years trying to find things and now that I use Jive, I can find exactly what I need. Search is tremendous, in that you can find people, content and places very quickly. And the indexing capabilities are just superior to some of the Microsoft stuff I’ve used. So I’m hoping that I can expose my industry to the secret sauce in collaboration. I guess that’s what I would call it, it’s the secret sauce of collaboration. Are you kidding me? It is the secret sauce.