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Riverbed Testimonial Video

Riverbed needed a true community – not just a discussion forum – for better customer engagement, peer-to-peer support and developer collaboration. Jive-x delivered.

Riverbed Testimonial Transcript

Now Riverbed is all about IT performance. In fact, we’re the pioneer in this category called performance, [and are] one of the fastest growing companies in technology, specifically in networking. And along with that fast growing technology clip, we’ve also adopted a massive user base over the years. So one of my roles within the company early on was to figure out how do we corral these customers and make them part of what we call a community ecosystem. Several years ago, we deployed a community platform to give our customers a place where they can come and ask questions, talk to their peers and really get answers quickly. And it was really built on a discussion forum platform. But one of the challenges that we had as our company, business and our customer base grew, all of a sudden we had this community platform that didn’t do a lot more than discussion forums, and we found there was a bigger need.

The bigger need was around content. How do I collaborate around not just discussions, but also content? So we started looking at different alternatives to the community platform that we had chosen, and [according to] Gartner Magic Quadrant, there was this company called Jive. We brought in Jive as part of a proof of concept, and all of the sudden the light bulb went off. It was just completely different than what we had seen in the past. And one of the very exciting things about Jive is its a real, true community. It really brings together the concept of people and content and places, not just discussion forums. And it’s in a very tightly organized and very elegantly delivered ecosystem where out of the box, we can turn it on and we can direct customers to have a little space where they can talk about a particular topic. They can blog about the topic and demonstrate their leadership. They can share content, and it is more than just discussion forums and attaching content. It’s actually a very robust community.

So it’s interesting, we’ve been a Jive customer now for less than a year, and the other platform vendor for several years. And already in less than a year, we’ve seen more than a 30% increase in the actual activity between our users and our partners, with even Riverbed employees on this external community. So it’s been a great success overall, and one of the great things about Jive is that it becomes [the] platform that we can give our customers where they can actually share their story. And because of that, we’ve decided to make our community platform built on Jive a public platform that’s completely indexed by Google. We don’t put any firewalls or pay walls behind that. Everything is completely open and becomes a megaphone where our customers can share the great success and the stories that they have with Riverbed. Jive is a critical enabler that allows us to leverage the voice of our customer in a way that we could not do before.