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Steelcase Testimonial Video

How Steelcase replaced legacy systems and transformed global collaboration with Jive-n.

Steelcase Testimonial Transcript

My name is Gary Graeff. I am an IT group manager, and I work for Steelcase, [the] world’s largest manufacturer of office environments. We are just this year 100 years old, and we are not only the largest, but the oldest of the furniture manufacturers in the world. Historically, we have had a global footprint, but we have not been globally integrated. The project that led to us choose Jive, was to learn how to better communicate globally, and in so to bring something new, like Jive, to Steelcase. [This] was very important to us. We also replaced some existing platforms, like our current intranet, which we also felt was very important. We wanted people to immediately see a difference, so old legacy out, new platform in.

I think the biggest impact so far that Jive has had on Steelcase, is it has made us far more collaborative then we’ve ever been, and we have far more visibility to one another as a company. So we see activities that are happening all over the world that we never knew happened before. And it’s all very visible and right in front of us every day when we come in. And we can look at our activity streams and see what’s going on. We meet people that we’ve never met before. Virtually, yes, but it’s something that we’ve never had before. Jive is the glue that brings a disparate global foot- printed company to become globally integrated.