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T-Mobile Testimonial: Jive-n Intranet Replacement for Customer Service Knowledgebase

Hear how Jive-n and Jive-x align front-line service and sales at T-Mobile, leading to new efficiencies and greater customer satisfaction.


Hi, I’m Scott Tweedy. I’m Vice President of Customer Service and Sales at T-Mobile. The business challenge we were trying to solve with Jive is we actually needed content. We needed a content management repository. At least that’s what we thought, because our thinking was kind of narrow. What we realized after we’ve been using Jive now for a few years is that Jive has solved so many more problems for us beyond just content, and it’s all about, for us, collaboration and content and information, and efficiency, and bringing a whole new culture to life in the organization.

We have really unleashed this ability for the front line representatives in both customer service and in the retail stores to be able to talk to each other about what’s happening in the business. We’ve really harnessed the power of both channels, speaking one message to the customer, and the customer satisfaction as a result is significantly higher. We’ve basically decommissioned at least 15 systems, from all the big-name vendors that you might know, and we’ve replaced those with Jive. As a result of that, we’ve actually gone from more than 80 FTEs [full-time equivalent workers] supporting these processes to less than 40. With the 40 people that we have now, we have much better results, much more capability, and a much stronger focus on the customer.

I think the big moment for us on this journey, is we were trying to go in a different direction, and we were being pushed in that direction by all of the experts in IT and other disciplines in the company, and that direction just didn’t work. When we were able to tilt up our first instance of Jive in less than three hours and start to use it, the light bulbs really started to go off. I would argue that we are in one of the most competitive businesses out there today, and we cannot stay competitive and effective without Jive. Jive is the fabric of our culture at T-Mobile.