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Advanced People Analytics Give T-Mobile a Business Intelligence Edge

T-Mobile: Jive Analytics Provide New Level of Customer Insight

Jive Insights Advanced is helping T-Mobile leverage the wisdom and experience of its customers to deliver better products and services – at a scale and speed never possible before.

T-Mobile’s “Un-carrier” strategy is all about winning customers’ hearts and minds with great service, not locking them in with restrictive contracts. And that requires understanding: knowing what customers want and delivering it as quickly as possible.

T-Mobile gets that understanding with Jive Insights Advanced, a unique tool that analyzes the conversations and content in Jive intranets and customer communities to identify the needs, concerns and issues that matter most to customers and employees. Using Jive Insights Advanced, T-Mobile is able to mine hundreds of thousands of support-related discussions and posts in its Jive-powered internal and external communities to rapidly answer critical questions. They can see how users are responding to a new product update, what feature enhancements people want most, what questions are top of mind – the kind of direct, data-driven insight T-Mobile needs to foster a happy, loyal customer base.

Getting that kind of information used to be like looking for a needle in a haystack, says T-Mobile’s Caton Guilbaut. Now, with Jive Insights Advanced, he and his colleagues can often find the answers they’re looking for in mere minutes: “It’s really helped us mine those rich conversations from our customers and employees at a speed and a scale that just wasn’t possible before.”

Video Transcript

So Jive, to us, is our central repository of all [customer] knowledge. It stores all of our policy and procedure for our representatives to help service our customers day to day. We also have an external community that has the same information, but written for that customer audience, and it’s helped make our customers more self-sufficient and promote the culture of self-service.

Anytime that our customers may have an issue that isn’t clearly defined or stated in our policy and procedure, our representatives have the ability to add a comment to any of our documents or to start a new discussion or thread or question to help resolve that issue for that customer. We also have our customers creating discussions externally on our support site, and that helps feed the business new ideas for innovation and helps us understand problems that may be arising in the market.

With all this conversation that’s happening in both of our communities, we’ve got this huge mine of information, over 900,000 objects, that if you printed out each one on a piece of paper would be a stack of paper over 300 feet tall. I need to be able to reach into that stack and pull out the one sheet or set of sheets that has this really important innovation that the business needs to do or really important problem that we’re trying to solve.

In the old world, before Insights Advanced, that took weeks or months of database queries and reading posts to distill the information down to something that was actionable. So Jive Insights Advanced is the tool that really allows us to mine all these conversations intelligently and quickly. It has a really intuitive search system that you basically type in a phrase or a sentence that you’re looking for, and it will find all the related posts or content that contains that information.

The really great part about the Jive search is it uses that semantic theme analysis to really understand the conversation with natural language processing, so it makes the connections for you. You don’t have to find those connections manually. It will pull together the different threads and topics and how they combine, which lets you really explore conversation and drill down into a specific resolution.

So a perfect example of how Insights Advanced has really helped us react in the business world is we had a chief privacy officer going to a trade show. This trade show wanted to put out a public awareness campaign to help parents understand how their kids use mobile devices. So they wanted to know, what were parents’ top five questions about mobile devices? In the old way of doing business, that could take weeks or months and thousands of emails to random people to get that information. With Insights Advanced, I was able to pull that information back for our CPO within minutes and get it sent to his device via a report when he was still in the planning meeting. So while they’re discussing what they’re going to do for this campaign, he already had the answers to the questions that he needed.

A second example where this has really helped us transform the industry is with Android software updates. Before, it was really hard for customers to understand when their device was going to get an update, who was getting an update, etc. That was all proprietary information from these device manufacturers, and that really didn’t work for our customer base. They wanted to know when they were going to get what software update, and they wanted to make sure that they weren’t going to be the only ones that were left out. So we used Jive Insights Advanced to help really mine the conversations around software updates, understand the pain points, and bring that back to our product development teams and device OEMs to find a solution where we could be more transparent with that information. We were able to put together a landing page that clearly shows every single device that’s getting a software update, when that update is going to happen, and what part of the process is it in.

So that was just a couple of examples of how Insights Advanced has really helped us mine those rich conversations from our customers and employees at a speed and a scale that just wasn’t possible before. It’s allowed us to quickly understand the root cause of a problem, get that into our product and marketing team, so we can get that solution to the market with speed that had never been accomplished before. This is how we’re transforming the wireless industry as the Un-carrier.