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Tableau Software Testimonial: Jive-x Customer Engagement Community

Incredible transformation took place when Tableau moved from traditional "Q&A" discussion forums to a full-featured Jive-x customer engagement community.

Hear from Dustin Smith, Community & Product Marketing Manager at Tableau Software, how Tableau customers are more engaged than ever, providing peer-based support, contributing great product ideas and acting as an extension of the marketing team.

Tableau Software Transcript

We use Jive software as a way to support our external customer community. What that has allowed us to do is build a richer sense of connections, not just between us and our customers, but also between the customers themselves. Prior to rolling out Jive, we had a basic form that was supported by our web developers. What we realized though, is that we wanted something more, and even to do pretty basic modifications that required a lot of web development time, and that wasn’t time that we had.

After rolling out Jive, we found that all of the things we had wanted to do, quickly and easily build groups without having to engage web developers, use the ideas-module in order to get product feedback so that our developers can build a more solid and better product, gamification, incentivizing customers who wanted to be more engaged with us to help other customers.

All of those things became possible for someone like me without a deep development background to do in a day to day job. Tableau has seen an immense spike in user engagement now that we have more than just a Q and A form.

What we found is that our users who are flocking to us now in the thousands are not just asking questions of Tableau. They're actually answering questions for other users.
Customer Headshot
Dustin Smith
Community & Product Marketing Manager
Tableau Software

For every correctly answered question in the community, we could be deflecting 5, 10, 15, even 20 support cases. Hundreds of answered questions in a given week or a month over the years, thousands of deflected support calls. That is of tremendous value to Tableau software. In addition, and almost something we didn’t think about, is rolling out the ideation module in order to help get product feedback from our customers. Our development team has engaged with the community like never before, and that is helping our development team build the product program.

Lastly, our Tableau community is a way for our sales team to work with existing customers to help drive loyalty. In addition to selling new accounts, being able to point to an active support community and say, “When you become a customer of Tablaeu sofware, you join a family. You join a family of both customers as well as Tableau employees.” The ROI, the value, the ability most Importantly, though for Tableau to engage with its customers on the level that we desire and that we demand, is something that Jive lets happen for us. Jive allows Tableau to be Tableau to its customers.