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UBM Testimonial Video

How Jive-n communication and collaboration united separate businesses and drove new efficiencies across UBM

UBM Testimonial Video Transcript

I’m Ted Hopton, UBM’s Global Community Manager. UBM is a business made up of a number of different areas involved in marketing, marketing services, newswire [and] data businesses, but our primary focus and strategically where we see ourselves really leading the way is in global events all around the world, where we bring buyers and sellers together. The best way to think of UBM before we had Jive was a collection of very separate businesses. There was no way for people in those different silos to know what the others were doing or to share any of their ideas, let alone their customer lists or contacts. It was very fragmented.

I could talk all day about the different ways we use Jive, so it’s hard to pick any one thing. But I think the thing I’m most excited about recently, and we’ve been at this about four years now, is the way we’re seeing teams and individuals from  all across the company come together on cross UBM projects. This led to a lot more collaboration. We’re much more aware of what is happening in other parts of the company. People on the West coast can see what’s happening in the UK, and what’s happening in China. So we’re just iterating really quickly and able to bring products to market [and] solutions to market much faster than we ever did before.

You can go through and you can find cost savings, you can find efficiencies, you can find innovation. All that stuff’s there. But the thing that’s most powerful and pervasive throughout the company is the cultural change. We really feel like one company instead of just a collection of separate brands, which is what it was before we had Jive. I’ve talked to plenty of people who are considering a social business solution, I get referred to them periodically. And when they ask me what I recommend or what my experience is, I tell them Jive is simply the best tool there is out there right now. It’s powerful, culturally shifting, people-impacting technology. It’s exciting to work with.