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Vistage International Testimonial Video

CIO Brian Cassaza explains how Vistage’s Jive-x community has become the go-to destination for thousands of the world’s business leaders, who gather regularly to share expertise, collaborate and tackle tough business problems.

Vistage Testimonial Transcript

Vistage provides professionally facilitated, private advisory groups for CEO’s, executives and business leaders. With a membership of over 17,000, we’re the world’s leading chief executive peer advisory organization. Our membership works in close-knit groups of 12 to 15 people that meet face to face on a monthly basis. What we were looking for was a way to help them connect outside of their individual groups, and help each other tackle their tough business problems in between their in-person meetings. Before we adopted Jive we had a portal in place, and what we dealt with were all the typical complaints. Lack of adoption, complaints about content, a cumbersome interface and a platform that was expensive to maintain. The main reason that we picked Jive was so that we could really deliver on the value of connecting our membership outside of their groups, and what we found was there’s a lot to like about Jive.

There’s clean API’s, we can roll out features quickly and we have a very slick interface. As a CIO, one of the things I appreciate most about Jive, is the continuous and significant investment in innovation, because it removes a lot of that responsibility off of my shoulders. We originally started with Jive really as a discussion board for our members, and it’s really turned into the central communication hub for our organization. Our groups are leveraging it to be more effective in their meetings. Our staff are now more productive, and ultimately, we’re delivering a lot more value for our membership. You know, we have a network of over 17,000 senior business leaders. Over 60% of them are logging in on a regular basis, and they’re doing that because they find value. These are CEO’s with a limited amount of time. They wouldn’t be spending their time there if they weren’t getting a lot of value out of that. They’re in there posting. They’re commenting on each other’s work. They’re collaborating around business problems, and ultimately they’re getting answers and taking action, which is really what we want to drive for our membership.

The great thing about Jive is it has a built-in feature set that drives all that, and at the same time, allows us to customize where we need to make sure that the features really are tailored to our specific community, and their specific needs. As much as Vistage is a great company, we’re also a great  community, and Jive is the glue that holds us together. It’s allowed our business to be more productive, and our membership to maximize the value of their Vistage experience.