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World Bank Testimonial Video

How the World Bank drives employee collaboration and knowledge sharing with Jive-n.

World Bank Testimonial Transcript

I am from the World Bank, my name is Andrei Tolstopiatenko and I’m in charge of social collaboration at The World Bank. One part of our organization started  using Jive a couple of years ago, I guess a pilot. Now a bigger part of this organization started using open source software for all the social collaboration. So recently our organization decided to merge those two deployments and establish one enterprise-level platform for both parts of the organization. So we decided to migrate from our social collaboration platform based on open source software to Jive, to enable this cross-caching kind of platform and enable collaboration that grows the whole bank group.

I think World Bank was, for many years, a leader in knowledge management and it was on the top of the list on how we address knowledge management in the last 10 years, but now we are into a different phase where knowledge management is not about managing documents and making them available, but more about connecting people and focusing on the types of knowledge, how to use them better and how to make them available for other people without putting a big load on those who have those have those types of knowledge.

In terms of the future, we have two big parts of the vision in terms  of social collaboration. One is moving to greater openness of the World Bank and getting more connected with partners and clients all over the world. So that’s one direction in which we are moving. Second is making knowledge within the bank more mobile, and flowing parts of the organization which are producing knowledge to parts of the organization that are delivering knowledge to their clients, making that link and improving our knowledge services to clients in the end. That’s the second part.